Sviatopolkivna Zbyslava

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Zbyslava Sviatopolkivna (before 1087 – ca 1114) – daughter of Sviatopolk Iziaslavych, Prince of Polotsk, Novgorod, and Turov, Grand Prince of Kyiv, great-granddaughter of Prince Yaroslav the Wise.

Was given in marriage to Boleslaw III Wrymouth (1086–1138), Prince of Krakow. Rus chronicle informs under the year of 1102: “This year Sviatopolk’s daughter Zbyslava was sent to Poland to marry Boleslaw [Wrymouth, Prince of the Poles] in the month of November, the sixteenth day.” Boleslaw himself was a descendant of a Rus princess – a grandson of Dobronega-Maria, daughter of Grand Prince of Kyiv Volodymyr Sviatoslavych.

In this marriage a daughter (the name is unknown) was born ca 1111, who became the wife of Vsevolod Davydovych, Prince of Murom, great-grandson of Prince Yaroslav the Wise, and the son Wladyslaw II the Exile (1105–1159), Prince-Princeps (High Duke) of Poland, Prince of Krakow, Sandomierz, Eastern Greater Poland, Kuyavia, Silesia, and Pomerania in 1138–1146.

Among the descendants of Zbyslava are: Richeza, Princess of Silesia, Queen of Castile and León, Empress of All Spain; Sancha of Castile, Queen of Aragon; Constance of Aragon, Queen of Hungary and Empress of the Holy Roman Empire; Kings of England – Edward I Longshanks, Edward II of Carnarvon, famous kings – heroes of Shakespeare’s plays – Edward III, Henry IV, and Henry V. Among the distant successors of this tree, we find the great English poet Lord George Gordon Noel Byron.

Portrait (imaginary) of Zbyslava Sviatopolkivna.

By R. Nosan. Oil on canvas. 90×70. 2008