Yaroslavych Illia

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Illia Yaroslavych (birth date and place unknown – 1020) – son of the Grand Prince of Kyiv Yaroslav the Wise, Prince of Novgorod (ca 1019–1020).

Son of the Grand Prince of Kyiv Yaroslav the Wise. His mother Anna, whose origin is unknown, was the first wife of Yaroslav. In 1018–1019, organizing an anti-Polish coalition, Yaroslav the Wise strengthened his union with Denmark by the marriage of Illia with Estrid, sister of Anglo-Saxon King Canute and Danish King Harald. This version was convincingly substantiated by O. Nazarenko. Illia’s early death is rather mysterious: possibly the Novgorod mayor Konstiantyn Dobrynych should be blamed for it. With time, Yaroslav the Wise punished him.