Volodymyrovych Vysheslav

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Vysheslav Volodymyrovych (ca 980 – ca 1010, Novgorod, now Russian Federation) – the eldest son of Grand Prince Volodymyr the Great, Prince of Novgorod.

The eldest son of Prince Volodymyr Sviatoslavych: born of his first wife – daughter of one of the leaders of Swedish Vikings Olova. The Tale of BygoneYears states that his mother was “a Czech” but L. Voitovych regards this statement as erroneous. According to the administrative reform, Vysheslav got a strategically important city of Novgorod to gain experience in governing. Volodymyr planned that after the reigning in Novgorod his eldest son would become the main pretender to the Kyivan throne.

Vysheslav died (according to V. Tatischev) in 1010 in Novgorod. This date could be later – 1013 or 1014. He was followed on the Novgorodian throne by Yaroslav, because his elder brothers could not take it – Iziaslav died in 1001, while Sviatopolk was moved to Vyshgorod under the supervision of Volodymyr. There is also a version that Vysheslav died in 995, but it is unlikely.

Portrait (imaginary) of Vysheslav Volodymyrovych