Iziaslavna Yevdokia

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Yevdokia Iziaslavna (birth and death place and dates unknown) – Old Rus Princess, daughter of the Prince Iziaslav Yaroslavych of Kyiv, wife of Polish Duke Mieszko.

In 1088 Polish Duke Mieszko (1069–1089), son of Bolesław II the Bold, married a Rus Princess. According to the Chronicle of Jan Długosz, it was Yevdokia, sister of the Prince Sviatopolk Iziaslavych of Kyiv. In 1089 Yevdokia’s husband was poisoned on the order of King Władysław I Herman and his son Zbigniew. Contemporary Polish researchers leave this issue open, marking mainly the close family ties of Yevdokia and Mieszko through Gertruda-Olisava or Dobroniha-Maria. The date of Yevdokia’s death is unknown. Mieszko and Yevdokia had no children.