Bolesław V the Chaste

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Bolesław V the Chaste (21.06.1226–07.12.1279) – Polish Duke (1243–1279), Duke of Krakow (1243–1279), representative of the Piast Dynasty.

Son of the High Duke of Krakow Leszek I the White and Hremyslava Ingvarivna (of Lutsk). Being the 13-year-old boy, he was betrothed to the 5-yearl-old daughter of the Hungarian King Béla IV, later they were married. They had no children. In 1235 he became the ruler of Lesser Poland, under the regency of Hremyslava and guardianship of Henry the Bearded, Duke of Greater Poland. In 1243, after the battle with the Mongol-Tatars on the Legnica River, became the Prince of Krakow and thus the predominant prince in fragmented Poland. Restored Krakow after its devastation by the Mongol-Tatars.

During his reign, Bolesław V had to struggle against the invasions of the Mongol-Tatars, separation of Silesia, and inner opposition, which greatly weakened the Duke’s power, while the influence of the aristocracy and clergy gained strength.

Through domestic conflicts and external threats Bolesław V had to leave the country.

Portrait (imaginary) of Bolesław V the Chaste.