Yuriyovych Vasylko

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Vasylko Yuriyovych (birth place and date unknown – after 1162) – Prince of Suzdal and the Ros area (1149–1152, 1155–1157).

Prince of the Rurik dynasty, son of Yuri Dolgoruky, Grand Prince of Kyiv. In 1149 got from his father the town of Suzdal (now the town in Vladimir Oblast, Russian Federation). In 1152–1155 had an appanage in the Novhorod-Siversky Principality. In 1155, when his father became firmly established in Kyiv, got the Ros area as an appanage and owned it until 1157.

In 1161 was exiled by his brother Andrei Bogoliubsky to Byzantium, entered into the service of the Byzantine emperor Manuel I Komnenos (1143–1180) and got from him four towns in the lower reaches of the Danube.