Olena Vsevolodivna

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Olena Vsevolodivna (Helena of Znojmo) (1141 – between 1202 and 1206) – Old Rus Princess, High Duchess of Poland; daughter of Vsevolod Mstyslavych, Prince of Belz and Vladimir (according to other version, of Rostyslav Mstyslavych, Prince of Smolensk and Kyiv).

Around 1163 (according to other version – in 1184) Olena Vsevolodivna married Kazimierz II the Just, High Duke of Poland. After his death in 1194 she was the co-regent of her son Duke Leszek I the White of Krakow for five years. Olena adhered to the compromise internal politics of her husband. Because of increasing influence of Polish aristocracy Olena had to concede the throne to Mieszko III the Old, who, however, declared Leszek his successor (1200).

Portrait (imaginary) of Olena Vsevolodivna.