Nestor the Chronicler

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Nestor the Chronicler (ca 1055, Kyiv – 27.10.1113, ibid) ) – Saint, chronicler and hagiographer.

From 1074 – a monk of the Kyiv-Pechersk Monastery; was tonsured by Saint Theodosios. Under Hegumen Stephan was ordained a hierodeacon. Was famous for his monastic deeds of humbleness, fasting, chastity, and obedience. The monastery council committed him to find the relics of Saint Theodosios. Was one of the first annalists, is considered to be the author or compiler of The Tale of Bygone Years; he also wrote hagiography of Saint Princes Borys and Hlib and Theodosios of Pechersk.

The life of Nestor the Chronicler appeared for the first time in the printed Kyiv-Pechersk Paterikon of 1661. Later it came into the four-volume collection of the lives of saints Menologion by St. Dimitri of Rostov (Danylo Tuptalo).

His feast day is celebrated by the Church on November 9.