Sviatoslavych Ihor

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Ihor Sviatoslavych (02.04.1151–29.12.1202, Chernihiv) – state and military leader, Prince of Putyvl (1161–1164), Novhorod-Siversky (1180–1198), and Chernihiv (1198–1202).

The second son of Chernihiv Prince Sviatoslav Olhovych. In 1169 Ihor Sviatoslavych took part in Prince Andrei Bogoliubsky’s campaign against Kyiv. In 1171 he defeated hordes of Polovtisan Khans Konchak and Kobiak at Pereyaslav. After the death of his brother Oleh, reigned (from 1180) in Novhorod-Siversky. Took part in the internecine struggle for the throne of the grand prince. In 1181 together with the Polovtsians fought against Prince Riurik Rostyslavych, was defeated and escaped by one boat with Konchak to Chernihiv.

In 1183 waged a successful campaign against the Polovtsians. In 1185 launched together with his brother Vsevolod (Prince of Kursk and Trubchevsk), Prince Volodymyr of Putyvl, and his nephew Prince Sviatoslav Olhovych of Ryla a new campaign against the Polovtsians. Princely forces suffered a defeat from the horde of the Polovtsian Khans Gza (Gzak) and Konchak and Ihor Sviatoslavych was taken prisoner but managed to flee from captivity.

Among the greatest achievements of Ihor Sviatoslavych was an agreement of 1190, strengthened by the marriage of his daughter with Davyd Olhovych, the eldest grandson of Grand Prince Sviatoslav Vsevolodych. This agreement put an end to the confrontation between the elder (the Vsevolodychi) and junior (the Sviatoslavychi) branches of the Olhovychi family and saved the unity of the Chernihiv lands. In 1191 Prince Ihor again waged a campaign against the Polovtsians and achieved partial success. After the death of his cousin, Prince Yaroslav Vsevolodych of Chernihiv, became the Prince of Chernihiv.

Ihor Sviatoslavych’s campaign against the Polovtsians became the story line of the famous Tale of Ihor’s Host.

Portrait (imaginary) of Prince Ihor Sviatoslavych