Volodymyrivna Dobronega-Maria

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Dobronega-Maria Volodymyrivna (ca 1012–1097), daughter of Grand Prince of Kyiv Volodymyr Sviatoslavych and Adel von Enningen. According to another version, Dobronega’s mother was Byzantine Princess Anna, daughter of Emperor Romanos II.

After the death of Byzantine Princess Anna, with whom Volodymyr the Great was in a legitimate Christian marriage, the Prince married Adel, daughter of German Graf Kuno von Enningen. In this marriage, probably, Dobronega was born, christened as Maria.

According to German chronicler of that time Thietmar of Merseburg, during the internecine war between Dobronega’s brothers Sviatopolk and Yaroslav for the Kyivan throne, she, together with her mother and stepsisters Predslava and Premyslava, were taken prisoners by the Poles.

Between 1038 and 1042 Dobronega was given into marriage to Polish King Kazimierz called the Restorer for his wise governing of the restoration of his state. The Rus Chronicle states under the year of 1043: “At that time Yaroslav gave his sister [Dobronega-Maria] in marriage to Kazimierz [prince of the Poles]. And gave Kazimierz, instead of bride-money, eight hundred men, captured by Boleslaw…”

There were four sons in this marriage: Boleslaw II the Bold – King of Poland (1076–1079), Wladyslaw I Hermann – King of Poland (1079–1102), Mieszko (1045–1065), Otton (1046–1048), and daughter Swietoslawa (Swatawa) (1062/63–1126) – Queen of Moravia.

Portrait (imaginary) of Dobronega-Maria Volodyyrivna.

By M. Dvoehlazov. Oil on canvas. 90×70. 2008