Adelaide (Adelheid) of Hungary

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Adelaide (Adelheid) of Hungary (ca 1040–27.01.1062) – Old Rus Princess, wife of Duke Vratislav II of Bohemia, daughter of Anastasia Yaroslavna and King András (Andrew) I of Hungary, granddaughter of the Grand Prince Yaroslav the Wise of Kyiv.

Adelaide was the only daughter of King András (Andrew) I of Hungary and Anastasia Yaroslavna, daughter of the Grand Prince Yaroslav the Wise of Kyiv (according to other information – a daughter from his unknown first wife, the data about which have not survived).

Adelaide became the second wife of Duke Vratislav II of Bohemia in 1057. Vratislav profited from this diplomatic marriage as he got support of András I who helped him to become the Duke of Bohemia. There were four children of that marriage: Břetislav II the Younger (Duke of Bohemia), Judith of Bohemia (wife of the Polish Duke Władysław I Herman, son of Maria-Dobroniga Volodymyrivna), Vratislav, and Ludmilla.