Peredslava (Predslava) Sviatopolkivna

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Peredslava (Predslava) Sviatopolkivna (? – after 1104) – daughter of Sviatopolk Iziaslavych, Prince of Polotsk, Novgorod, Turov, and Grand Prince of Kyiv, great-granddaughter of Prince Yaroslav the Wise.

In 1104 was given in marriage to Duke Almos (ca 1075 – ca 1129). Rus chronicle informs: “That same year they brought Peredslava, daughter of Sviatopolk, to the Ugrians to the king’s son Almos, in the month of August on the twenty and first [day].”

Almos was a son of the late King of Hungary Géza I and brother of the then King Koloman I the Booklover, who before long blinded Almos and his son of Peredslava Béla. Blinded, they were kept at a monastery. After Koloman’s death Almos managed to escape to Byzantium where he died. Their son Béla, despite his blindness, became King of Hungary in 1131.

Almos and Peredslava had also two daughters – Adelaide (between 1105 and 1107–1140), who married Sobĕslav I, Duke of Bohemia, and Hedwig, who became the wife of Austrian Count Adalbert.

Portrait (imaginary) of Peredslava Sviatopolkivna.

By V. Nosan. Oil on canvas. 90×70. 2008