Sviatoslavna Vysheslava

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Vysheslava Sviatoslavna (birth place and date unknown – 11.03.1089) – Old Rus Princess, daughter of the Grand Prince Sviatoslav Yaroslavych of Kyiv.

According to V. Tatischev, in 1067 Vysheslava was marriedto the Polish Duke Bolesław II the Bold (died in 1091). This version was supported by M. Baumgarten. Polish sources mention neither the name nor the origin of the wife of Bolesław II, and because of that Polish historians reject this version. According to J. Dlugosz, the name of the wife of Bolesław II the Bold was Vysheslava and she was a single daughter of the Rus Prince. This information does not contradict V. Tatischev’s sources: the time of the marriage of the Polish Duke also coincides. Sviatoslav Yaroslavych’s steady support of Bolesław II could be explained not only by the advantages of the Sutiejsk agreement but family relations as well. Bolesław II evasively responded to the letter of the Pope who offered him to revive the Gniezno Archbishopric in exchange for the aid to Prince Iziaslav Yaroslavych, given the fact that Bolesław’s aunt – Gertrude-Olisava – was the wife of Prince Iziaslav Yaroslavych, who rendered assistance to his father.

Portrait (imaginary) of Vysheslava Sviatosavna