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Putiata (birth and death dates unknown) – Kyivan tysiatsky and voivode of Prince Volodymyr the Great.

In 990 the Grand Prince of Kyiv Volodymyr the Great sent Kyivan tysiatsky (captain of the thousand) Putiata and Voivode Dobrynia to Novgorod at the head of the detachment to Christianize the local population. The Joachim Chronicle mentions that “Putiata christened by sword, and Dobrynia by fire.” It also gives such information: “Volodymyr’s tysiatsky Putiata, being a wise and brave man, prepared boats, chose 500 persons from Rostov warriors, at night carried them over to another bank above the fortress and entered the fortress.” This text is given in the context of Putiata’s struggle against the pagans. The chronicle mentions Putiata once again: “And so, having baptized them, Putiata came to Kyiv.”
Portrait (imaginary) of Putiata