Korijatovich Fedir

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Fedir (Theodore) Korijatovich (birth place and date unknown – 1414) – Lithuanian-Rus Prince from the Korijatovichi family, son of Korijat-Mikhail Gediminovich, who reigned in Lithuanian Novgorodok (now a town of Navahrudak, Hrodna Oblast, Belarus), Prince of Podillia (between 1380 and 1386–1393), Governor of Bereg and Sharosh (from 1395).

Descendant of the influential princely family of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, branch of the Gediminid line. Prince of Podillia (between 1380 and 1386–1393), Governor of Bereg and Sharosh (from 1395).

Dmytro Danyliuk, researcher of Transcarpathian history, states that Fedir Korijatovich was the Prince of Carpathian Rus in the 1390 s, determining the dates of his life as “? – 1414.” In the opinion of Mykhailo Luchkai, Fedir Korijatovich was born at the beginning of the 14 th c. and in the 1390 s he could not wage war against Lithuanian Duke Vytautas, because then “he could have been over ninety years.”

Princes Yuri, Oleksandr, and Kostiantyn Korijatovichi after the battle of the Syni Vody (1363) became the rulers of the Podillia Principality. Around 1389, after the death of his elder brothers Fedir Korijatovich inherited Podillia. In four years he was ousted from Podillia by Lithuanian Duke Vytautas and found shelter at the Hungarian King Zsigmond (Sigismund). From 1393 he became a ruler of the Mukacheve domain in Transcarpathia. Founded a monastery in Mukacheve and brought about 40,000 Ukrainians from Podillia to Transcarpathia (some historians regard it as a legend).