Lev Yuriyovych

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Lev Yuriyovych (baptismal name Demetrios; birth place and date unknown – 25.05.1323) – grandson of Lev I Danylovych, Prince of Halych and Peremyshl, Prince of Halych-Volyn (1308–1323).

Grandson of Lev I Danylovych, Prince of Halych and Peremyshl. After the death of his father Yuri Lvovych (1308, according to other information – 1315), reigned in the Halych-Volyn Principality together with his elder brother Andriy Yuriyovych. With time got the Halych Principality. Striving to reduce the dependence of the Halych-Volyn Principality on the Golden Horde, Lev Yuriyovych and his brother maintained allied relations with the Teutonic Order and Poland.

In 1323, during a military campaign (some researchers hold that it was a campaign against Lithuanian troops, others – against the Mongol-Tatars) Lev Yuriyovych and Andriy Yuriyovych died under unascertained circumstances, and after their death the dynasty of the Romanovychi became extinct. The boyars invited to the Halych-Volyn throne Prince Yuri II Boleslaw Trojdenovych of Mazovia, son of Maria, daughter of King Yuri Lvovych and sister of Lev and Andriy Yuriyovychi.

Portrait (imaginary) of Lev Yuriyovych