Mstyslavna Ingeborg

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Ingeborg Mstyslavna (? – after 1131) – daughter of Mstyslav Volodymyrovych Monomakh, Grand Prince of Kyiv, granddaughter of Grand Prince Volodymyr Monomakh.

Circa 1120 was given in marriage to Prince Knut II Lavard (1091–1131), Duke of South Jutland and King of Obodriten, son of Erik I Ejegod (the Evergood), King of Denmark. The History of the Kings of Denmark (13 th c.), basing on poetic sources, describes Knut’s proposal, whose ambassador extols him at the court of such powerful prince as Mstyslav Volodymyrovych.

In the struggle for the Danish crown Knut became dangerous for other pretenders to the throne and in 1131 he was killed. Ingeborg remained with small son Valdemar named evidently after his famous great-grandfather Volodymyr Monomakh. With time, Valdemar became of the most outstanding kings of Denmark – Valdemar I the Great.

Among his children are Danish Kings Knut VI and Valdemar II the Victorious, Queen of Sweden Rikissa, Queen of France Ingeborg, and his grandson Erik (the Lisp and Lame) was King of Sweden.

Portrait (imaginary) of Ingeborg Mstyslavna.

By A. Khmel. Oil on canvas. 90×70. 2008