Volodymyrivna Premyslava

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Premyslava Volodymyrivna (ca 987/988 – ?) – daughter of Saint Volodymyr I, Great Prince of Kyiv, and Princess Rohnid (Rogneda-Horeslava) of Polotsk.

During the dramatic events of the internecine war for the Kyiv throne of Volodymyr the Great sons Premyslava with her sisters was taken to Poland as captives of Duke Boleslaw the Brave. Abroad, the Princesses were given in marriage to European rulers and their descendants.

In 1018, Premyslava Volodymyrivna became the wife of Duke László Szar (the Bold; ca 976–1037), son of Hungarian Prince Mihály (944/948–976/978) from the royal family of the Árpáds. It is quite possible that Mihály was also married to an unknown Rus Princess.

Of the marriage of Premyslava and László Szar son Simon was born (died ca 1090), who lived in Rus since 1040.

According to one of the versions, Kings of Hungary Béla I and Andrew I were the sons of Premyslava. Andrew married Princess Anastasia, the eldest daughter of Prince Yaroslav the Wise.

Portrait (imaginary) of Premyslava Volodymyrivna.

By D. Anorychheva-Yeriomka. Oil on canvas. 90×70. 2008