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Vyshata Ostromyrych (place and dates of birth and death unknown) – Kyiv Voivode, descendant of Dobrynia, voivode of Prince Volodymyr Sviatoslavych, representative of the old boyar family, son of the Novgorod Posadink (mayor) Ostromyr.

Became famous in 1019, in the battle against the Pechenegs on the Alta River. In 1021 headed the campaign against Prince Briachyslav Iziaslavych of Polotsk and suffered a defeat. In 1038 set out against the Jatvingians and in 1040 – against the Lithuanians. In 1043 took part in the campaign against Constantinople. The Tale ofBygone Years states: “In the year 6551 (1043) Yaroslav sent his son Volodymyr against the Greeks, and gave him a great number of warriors, and charged Vyshata, Yan’s father, with command.” The campaign failed and, according to the chronicle, Vyshata was taken prisoner. He and almost all prisoners were blinded. In 1046 Vyshata returned to Rus. In 1064 he, together with Rostyslav Volodymyrovych, son of Volodymyr Yaroslavych, fled to Tmutorokan. Vyshata is considered the major informer of the chronicler Nikon during the work on the Primary Chronicle.

Portrait (imaginary) of Vyshata Ostromyrych.