Yuriyovych Andriy

Kyivan RusPrincely times

Andriy Yuriyovych (birth place and time unknown – ca 1323) – Prince of Halych-Volyn Principality.

Son of Prince Yuri Lvovych. After the death of his father ruled the Halych-Volyn Principality together with his younger brother Lev Yuriyovych. Entering into alliance with the Polish King Władysław I Łokietek and the Teutonic Knights, tried to weaken the dependence of the principality from the Golden Horde. Promoted the trade between Halych and Polish merchants. Fought successfully against the Mongol-Tatars, defending Western Slavic lands from their raids and against Lithuania: thus, in a letter of Władysław I Łokietek to Pope John XXII the Yuriyovych brothers are mentioned as “the invincible shield against the terrible Tatar people.” A sealed charter of Andriy Yuriyovych remained, in which he named himself “the King of Halych and Lodomeria.” Died at one time with Lev Yuriyovych (ca 1323), some historians hold that in the struggle against the Mongol-Tatars, another – against the Lithuanians, defending Podlasie against them. After the death of Andriy Yuriyovych the direct line of descendants of Roman Mstyslavych came to an end. The Mazovian Prince Bolesław Troidenovych, son of Maria, the sister of the Yuriyovych brothers, was invited to the Halych-Volyn throne. He took the name Yuri-Bolesław.

Portrait (imaginary) of Andriy Yuriyovych