Volodymyrovych Iziaslav

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Iziaslav Volodymyrovych (ca 981–1001) – the eldest son of the Grand Prince Volodymyr Sviatoslavych (the Great) of Kyiv and Rogneda, Prince of Polotsk (988–1001), progenitor of the Polotsk dynasty of princes.

Iziaslav Volodymyrovych – the eldest son of the Grand Prince Volodymyr Sviatoslavych (the Great) of Kyiv and his first wife Rogneda, daughter of the executed Prince Rogvolod of Polotsk. According to The Tale of Bygone Years in 988 Volodymyr gave Iziaslav the town of Polotsk to reign (now the town in Vitebsk Oblast, Belarus). The Lavrenty Chronicle under the year of 1128 has a legend about him, which tells that he, being a minor, defended his mother Rogneda with a sword in hand from the anger of his father. Volodymyr forgave the son and gave him and his mother the town of Iziaslav founded at that time (now the town of Zaslavl, Minsk Oblast, Belarus). Supported by the local elite, Iziaslav rebuilt the ruined capital – Polotsk, transferring it to the higher and unassailable place in the mouth of the River Polota, to its left bank, whereto moved his court. Very likely, he carried out the Christianization of the Polotsk land. To all appearances, in the beginning his mother Rogneda was his regent.

Prince Iziaslav governed the largest principality of Kyivan Rus, so he ignored Kyiv, he carried on independent trade with Baltic peoples and Germany. After his death, the cause of which is unknown, his throne was inherited by his younger son Briachyslav. This was contrary to the established rule, according to which Volodymyr sent his sons to reign the principality in such cases. Known is the tamga (family seal) of Iziaslav Volodymyrovych – the trident with a little cross on the middle indent.

Portrait (imaginary) of Iziaslav Volodymyrovych