Danylo Hegumen

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Hegumen Danylo (Daniel the Pilgrim; dates of birth and death unknown) – ecclesiastic, author of the first in Kyivan Rus literature description of the pilgrimage to the Holy Land The Life and Pilgrimage of Danylo, Hegumen from Rus Land.

Was the Hegumen of one of Chernihiv monasteries or, as some researchers hold, the Bishop of Yuryiv (installed in 1114). Circa 1106–1108 visited Palestine to see the places associated with events and persons of the Holy Scripture, in particular with the Nativity, Martyrdom, and Resurrection of Jesus Christ. In his travelogue, Hegumen Danylo the Pilgrim compares nature and landscapes of Palestine with nature and landscapes of Rus; describes the divine service in the Resurrection Church with the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem, and tells about his meeting with the King of Jerusalem Baldwin. Danylo was fortunate to see the descent of theHoly Fire upon the Holy Sepulchre on Holy Saturday, the day preceding Orthodox Easter. He prayed there “for the entire Rus land” and its princes. Danylo the Pilgrim’s description of his pilgrimage to the Holy Land became a valuable source of knowledge of the Jerusalem Church, history and spiritual culture of 12 th-century Palestine, as well as of the hierarchic system of princely relations in Rus of that time.

Portrait (imaginary) of Hegumen Danylo (Daniel the Pilgrim)