Davyd Sviatoslavych

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Davyd Sviatoslavych (birth date unknown – 1123; Chernihiv) – Prince of Murom (1076–1093), Novgorod (1093), Smolensk (1093–1097), and Chernihiv (1097–1123), the third or fourth son of Prince Sviatoslav Yaroslavych of Kyiv.

After the death of his father he got Murom, the northern colony of Chernihiv Princes, in 1093 – Novgorod the Great, but in two weeks was banished by the local elite. Then he seized by force Smolensk where he managed to consolidate his position. According to the decision of the Liubech Congress of 1097 got his father’s patrimony – Chernihiv. Later on advocated the observance of Liubech agreements and internal stabilization. In 1101 supported Prince Volodar Rostyslavych against the Poles. Fought with the Polovtsians (battles near Suten in 1103, at the River Khorol in 1107, the campaign of 1110, battles at the Deheia Creek in 1111 and the River Salnytsia the same year). Took part in the campaign to Drutsk in 1116 and Volyn in 1117.

As the heir to the throne of the Grand Prince should reign in Kyiv but Volodymyr Monomakh used the discontent of Kyivites with administration of the late Grand Prince and organized his “calling” by the Kyiv veche (popular assembly). Davyd did not fight for power and kept good relations with Volodymyr Monomakh to his death. Buried in the Church of Saints Borys and Hlib, which he had built.